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5 Ways to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Are you ready to go Zero Waste, but need help getting started?

There’s nothing wrong with experiencing a few mental stumbling blocks. It’s normal to have a lot of questions at first, and we’re always happy to offer suggestions. These are our five favorite ways to take the plunge into the rewarding Zero Waste lifestyle.

Go Outside and Experience Nature

If you spend a little time outdoors, you’ll realize why the Zero Waste movement makes sense. Especially when you imagine the most gorgeous, pristine areas like forests, national parks, or waterfalls, you’ll see why waste and pollution are so horrible. The Zero Waste approach helps keep outdoor scenery just as beautiful as it’s been since creation.

5 Ways to Start a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Give Yourself a ‘Trash Audit’

A trash audit is exactly what it sounds like: taking inventory of your trash disposal habits. What do you go through the most? Plastic? Styrofoam cups? Bottles?

Once you determine what you trash the most, then you can devise alternatives. You could, for example, replace all those plastic bottles with a permanent thermos or tumbler. Many of our refillable consumer products are amenable to any kind of container.

Buy Only What You Need & Nothing More

Minimalism takes baby steps and patience, but it’s rewarding when you get the hang of it, produce way less garbage, and even save money. This is the most logical step after you’ve done the trash audit because you’ll notice a few things you over-purchase that don’t add much value.

Support Local Businesses

Small businesses around Tampa enjoy helping patrons find creative solutions to problems. Plus, let’s face it, when you only shop at big retail outlets, you inevitably slip into the “paper or plastic” paradigm. In those stores, you’re much more likely to buy things with excessive wrapping and packaging materials (hence, lots of waste).

Try Our Refillery Services

One of the perks of using Waste Not Refillery for household items is that you don’t have to deal with tons of plastic, paper, and other packaging items that pile up in your trashcan. Our arrangement is affordable, convenient, helps you eliminate waste, and keep our world cleaner. If you’re not sure how it works, we welcome you to read our friendly tutorial on “what is a refillery.”

Those are the best ways to start a Zero Waste lifestyle. We hope you continue to follow Waste Not Refillery to learn more helpful hints for living with less waste. We’re always brainstorming new ways to transverse the need for all the unnecessary garbage.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for living waste-free, contact us anytime at 813-291-3875 or fill out the form below!