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Live Sustainably with Waste Not Refillery

Would you like to know how to live more sustainably, save money on consumer goods, and help reduce waste?

That might be just about everybody. Fortunately, there’s a terrific way to do this with most of your common household items like soap, shampoo, lotions, household cleaners, and more. You can learn all about this by reading through our website series “How it Works,” but we want to share with you a few highlights of this novel and sustainable approach.

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What is a Refillery?

A refillery is a facility that markets useful consumer products without utilizing packaging materials like paper and plastic. It’s a simple concept that revolves around bringing a reusable container to refill your favorite items.

We can show you exactly how this works when you visit our store. The key takeaway, however, is that it lets you refill and refuse essential goods without filling a garbage can when you get home. This lets you accumulate only the things you need, not trash.

Benefits to Using a Refillery & Going Zero-Waste

Sometimes the term “zero-waste” scares people until they learn what it means, and how it’s entirely doable for almost any American household. It’s more of a mission or mindset as opposed to a dogmatic system. Many successful folks have gotten to the level of zero waste, but the important thing is to embrace the baby steps of incrementally reducing waste.

What are the benefits of going zero-waste by using a refillery like ours?

  • It’ll help you become much more conscious of the items you buy and help you save money by trimming out a lot of excess.
  • It’s a great way to keep the world cleaner. By using less and producing less garbage, you can do your part to reduce the amount of plastic and harmful materials heading into the ocean.
  • Do you like to buy things from local shops? Well, if you reside in Tampa, and wish to support a small business, then here’s your chance!

Super Easy to Pre-Order Products with Waste Not Refillery

If you’re to get started, then pre-ordering products from Waste Not Refillery is super easy and efficient. We have dozens of consumer goods along with reusable containers for everything you need. Here’s a quick sample of the items we carry:

  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer
  • Deodorant Cream
  • Eco Dryer Balls
  • Face Mask Powder
  • Razors & Shaving Accessories
  • Reusable Plates, Bowls, & Other Silverware
  • Bamboo Cotton Swabs
  • Biodegradable Pet Poop Bags
  • . . . and so much more!

We hope this makes you curious about our sustainable-living business here in the Greater Tampa area. Waste Not Refillery is one of a kind in western Florida. If you still have questions about our products or refilling system, you’re more than welcome to call us at 813-291-3875, or fill out the form below!