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NEW DESIGN – with rounded ergonomic handle, longer bristles and larger bristle diameter. The CASA AGAVE® dish brush is an easy replacement for your plastic dish brushes and sponges in the kitchen and home. With a bamboo handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles, it is ideal for general dish washing. It can also be used on vegetables that need a good scrub! Longevity: Each brush can be used for 1-6 months. Do not leave the brush in water, the bristles and wood will absorb water and it will cause the wood to swell and crack. Place in a dry spot after using it. DISH BLOCK® is an internationally registered trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC CASA AGAVE® is a registered trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC Moso Bamboo. FSC certified by TÜV SÜD Czech, Prague.

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