What is a Refillery?
What is a Refillery?

So, what exactly is a refillery? That’s an excellent question, and we’re happy to explain since it’s at the very core of our business mission. Refilleries are a place to take used containers and purchase common products without having to rely on disposable packaging.

The Basic Purpose of a Refillery

The basic purpose of using a refillery is to reduce waste and limit environmental impact with sustainable consumption habits. Waste Not Refillery helps you to do this by supplying products you can refill with a reusable containter. This eliminates the need for plastic, styrofoam, and paper products that ultimately contribute to more garbage in the world.

Have you ever brought a coffee mug with you to refill at your favorite shop? That’s basically how this works, but with a much greater number of consumer goods.

How Do You Shop at a Refillery?

How does this work in practice? It’s rather simple.

  • First, you bring an empty container to Waste Not Refillery in Tampa. This is what you’ll use to fill with whatever products you desire.
  • Next, you weigh the empty container to get the tare weight. We subtract this weight from the total weight of the products you purchase.
  • This is the fun part! You fill your container with whatever products you want. We have all the essentials: laundry detergents, shampoos, conditioners, soaps (body, hand, and face), lotions, household cleaners, and several other substances.
  • Then, you weigh the full container again, subtract the tare weight, and pay for the net weight of the products.
  • Enjoy wonderfully eco-friendly goods, and come back and do it again soon!

That’s all there is to it. It’s customer friendly and the very embodiment of reuse/refill/repeat. One of our guiding values is the concept of Zero Waste. It means we only engage in consumption habits that leave a minimal environmental impact.

Our goal is to send as little trash to the landfill (and into waterways) as possible. While this might seem like a daunting task, it’ll surprise you how much less you pitch in the garbage when you take advantage of our refillery system.

Waste Not Refillery is a mobile eco-market and refillery, servicing the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Our goal is to provide convenient access to sustainable, eco-friendly, and zero waste goods, empowering you to cultivate an eco-positive lifestyle. Our refillery is one of a kind, so bring your own container and check us out!

Start Your Zero-Waste Journey Today
Start Your Zero-Waste Journey Today
Start Your Zero-Waste Journey Today
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